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Website Warranty

Website warranty details vary with each project, but the details below provide a general idea of our capabilities and coverage during the 30-day website warranty period.

The warranty covers code and graphics developed by Code3 Creative. The warranty covers errors or omissions by our team for 30 days after the website go live date detailed above. Any code altered by the client and/or 3rd party applications used in the website is outside the scope of our warranty. The accuracy of content provided or approved by the client to complete the website is the client’s responsibility, and alterations are considered change requests.

What Does Our Website Warranty Cover?

  • Response to your request for support assistance within 24 hours, when properly submitted by phone or email. 
  • Assistance and correction of broken links 
  • Assistance with error messages and system loading problems reported by users. 
  • Assistance with problems experienced by users when attempting to play video and audio files or view and download images or documents. 
  • Assistance with viewing problems reported by users where your website is not displaying correctly in certain browser types (e.g. Internet Explorer and Firefox). 
  • Assistance with any queries or problems arising from general use of WordPress or plugins installed on the website. 
  • Restoration of any online project that has been vandalized or hacked. 
  • Picture Updates – adding, editing and re-sizing of any pictures added to existing pages on the website 
  • Text Updates – adding, editing and/or removing any text or copy on the existing site, including any existing articles, pages, reports, contact information and product or service description. 
  • Functionality – ensuring all links/images are working correctly and examining the overall health and proper functionality of the website. 
  • Responsible for errors and omissions contained in website content provided by the client that are not displayed correctly on the website. 
  • Install patches, fixes, updates to WordPress, plugins or theme. 
  • Support for any problems or errors arising with, or caused by the third-party hosting system, if Code3 Creative was the one who set up the hosting per the project contract deliverables. 
  • If hosting already existed and was not set up by Code3 Creative, support for any problems or errors arising with, or caused by the hosting system specifically tied to the WordPress installation and/or transfer of WordPress website files. 

What's Excluded From Our Website Warranty?

  • Support for any problems or errors arising with, or caused by the hosting system if Code3 Creative did not set up the hosting solution and are not directly related to the WordPress installation of WordPress files added as part of the project deliverables. 
  • Support for any problems or errors arising with, or caused by client error. 
  • Systems developed by agencies other than Code3 Creative are not covered by the warranty. 
  • Any web development task requested that was not explicitly listed in the client contract.  This may include, but is not limited to: graphic design, CSS changes, layout changes, new page or post templates, moving or adding new content, any new functionality, additional plugins or change of theme, additional form fields and/or field validation and problems caused by client site administration.
  • Website Redesign – the warranty period is limited to maintenance and does not allow for complete or partial redesign of the existing site. Owner and Designer can advise Client on any requested work that falls within these bounds that may require a separate contract. 
  • SEO and Marketing – the warranty period does not include making any changes to existing Meta-tags, Alt-tags, Titles, Keywords or Page Descriptions. These tasks do not fall under the scope of the warranty period and require a separate contract. 
  • Analytics – Addition of plugin and infrastructure to include the analysis and reporting of website traffic, analysis of visitors, and breakdown of traffic sources. (Proper coding must be in place for this function to be requested and require a separate contract.) 
  • Billing and/or accounting liason or “middleman” of your hosting and domain service, unless directly provided by the Owner and Designer. 

Site Management Plans

Upon completion of the warranty period, any work performed on your website must either be done at the shop rate of $65 per hour, or with a Website Management Care Plan.